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Euulife Alkaline Anti-Oxidant System
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Benefits of Euulife alkaline antioxidant system:

1. Increasing intracellular hydration; 
2. Replenishing essential minerals;
3.Stabilizing and protecting cell;
4. Helping to maintain acid and alkaline balance in body;
5. Flushing out and preventing wastes from accumulating in cells;
6. Preventing free radicals from forming and damaging other cells

Euulife alkaline antioxidant system do not need electricity to run, the system required the water to flow through various filters including an alkaline antioxidant filter that increased the pH of the water to mildly alkaline of about 9. Minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium are also added. This system requires less running costs as no electricity is needed.

How different of water molecule from different water source

Alkaline antioxidant water has very tiny cluster of water molecule.

The size of water molecule cluster is measured in Hz. The smaller the Hz indicates the water is easier for human body to absorb. Therefore, it is good to our body’s metabolism.

Different types of water produces different size of water molecule cluster:

Water Type                                     Hz
Tap water                                         105.98 Hz
Spring Water                                       122 Hz
Rain Water                                          119 Hz
Distilled Water                                   118 Hz
Well Water                                          105 Hz
Mineral Water                                      94 Hz
Alkaline antioxidant water                  47.82 Hz

The smaller cluster size explains why Euulife alkaline anti-oxidant water is “wetter”. This is because the water has less surface tension, and can penetrate into dehydrated body tissues much more effectively.

Email to or contact us @ 8816-0990 for any queries.


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