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water dispenser

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Product page - Water dispenser

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technical specification for water dispenser

Functions of Filters (made in Korea)

Sediment Filter
Its multilayer can effectively remove dust and rust, remains of which particles relatively big. Prevent various impurities from entering other filters in order to increase the filter performance and lifespan.



Pre-Carbon Filter
The Pre-Carbon Filters use granular activated carbon to purified the water by absorbing harmful organic impurities such as chlorine and heavy metal.

Alkaline Minerals Enhancer (Optional)

alkaline filter catridgeAlkaline Mineral Enhancer is crucial to enhance minerals adsorption and detoxifies waste accumulated in our body. In addition, it regulates human body pH balance into mild alkaline and hence gain good health.



Post Carbon Filter
The Post Carbon Filter get rid of chlorine, Trihalomethanes (THM), herbicides, color, odour, bleaching agents and other harmful organic chemicals.


Email to or contact us @ 88160990

for  any queries and/or non-obligated demo!

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