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Ioncares 9000 Alkaline Water Ionizer

IONCARE-7000 (Made in Korea)

Ioncare-7000 is a luxury water ionizer fully imported from South Korea that generates alkali water, acidic water and purified water as the tap water goes through the purification filter to remove harmful substances and through electrolysis.

9 types of water are created that suit your need

The alkali water ionizer of IONCARES creates nine types of water in total, i.e: four stages of alkali water, four stages of acidic water and purified water. Alkali water ionizer is a household device verified by the Korean Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) for its efficacy in the improvement in the four major stomach symptom improvements such as indigestion, chronic diarrhea, excessive stomach acid and abnormal fermentation in the stomach.

At a great price, this machine produces very delicious alive water with alkaline properties, rich in antioxidants and so refreshing!

IONCARE-7000 is widely used as a medical appliances in overseas.

7 titanium plates will ensure stable pH and ORP values under all conditions.

Digitally control water ionizer

Can be placed on the kitchen table or be hung on the wall.

Has two filters for purifying water prior to release to the electrolysis chamber.

Filter capacity 3,500 liters

Acidic water will be discharged as waste while dispensing Alkaline water.

Uses for Alkaline Ionized Water (Drink)

a journey with Alkaline Water.png


     Uses for Acidic Water (Wash)

a journey with acidic water.png

Uses for Purified Water (Drink for baby)

  • clean_water
  • pH Water : 7.0
  • Free of chlorine, rust and cloudiness. Clean water is delicious drinking water.
  • Children : Use purified water a pH of 7.0 when preparing baby food.
  • When the purify button is pressed, purified water will be dispensed from the bottom and top spouts.


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